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Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru was established in 2008 as a constituent of Symbiosis International University with the aim of imparting world-class education to students and transforming them into top notch leaders of the corporate world. At SIBM-B, eminent faculty from across the country, holistic learning-focussed pedagogy, passion-driven students and world-class facilities meet the epicenter of knowledge to create the future business leaders.

Over decades, the methods of imparting education may have changed drastically and also ways of seeking it, but the power that propels every student towards excellence and knowledge has remained the same – the voracious fire within that needs to learn more, do more and be more. The Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru understands this in its students and leaves no stone unturned in providing quality education and helping this spark build into a roaring flame that will help its students become leaders of tomorrow.

The indelible spark of perfection is ingrained in every student of SIBM Bengaluru and this spirit is reflected in practically every step that an SIBM Bengaluru student takes in the challenging corporate world. Bengaluru is at the forefront of globalization, and SIBM Bengaluru is perfectly poised to cater to the confluence of the east and the west. Here, the onus rests with each individual to carve out her/his own identity. SIBM, Bengaluru instills a culture which encourages leadership potential. All students at SIBM, Bengaluru are polished to perfection when it comes to being trained as leaders and perfectionists in their field of work.

SIBM Bengaluru envisions a management education with a “quantitative difference” by focusing on data analytics across all specializations.Decision making and analytical skills are developed in the students through the use of a case-based method of teaching and simulations..

Student Orientation 

The academic session begins with an orientation where students are exposed to a series of lectures by professionals giving them an overview of the media industry, besides team building interactive games and exercises. The academic program is highly engaging delivered through an interactive pedagogy that includes group discussions, case studies, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, industry projects and internships that enhance the industry-academia interface, social responsibility projects that sensitize future communication professionals to societal issues and needs. Continuous teaching-learning evaluation is conducted through assignments that help students raise the bar for themselves and at the same time be updated with the latest in the media sector. Coupled with the continuous evaluation process are mandatory industry internships that groom our media trainees for final placements. Equal emphasis is laid upon co-curricular activities channelized through specialization aligned clubs and sports making them professionals with the right skills and attitude towards their chosen profession.

Course Design :


MBA (2 Years Full Time Course, Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt.of India).

Specialisation: Dual specialization in

· Integrated Marketing communication

· Media Analytic 

Fees Structure

Media Analytic

Media Analytics as an expert focuses on equipping students to make full use of most channels and communication technologies, marketing strategies, media economic understanding, and knowledge of the various software tools used in media products and Analytics. The expertise focuses on a wide range of disciplines such as different types of media, communication and competitive strategies, marketing models, corporate bond, strategic media management, digital marketing and Social Media Analytics. Students get to learn the right software in an industry like BARC, IRS to name a few. We aim to expand our readers' horizons with the right combination of conceptual knowledge and practical information from field speakers. During the two years of the MBA program students are exposed to live projects and internships in the industry to provide them with a platform to apply theories of theater in real-life situations and to be equipped with experiential learning.

Highlights of the Course: 

⦁    Media Planning

⦁    Media strategy

⦁    Making a mark

⦁    Advertising

⦁    Sales models.

Integrated Marketing Communication

The need for an hour to integrate advertising with other marketing tools to make it easier to understand an effective marketing campaign based on clear market segregation goals and targeted marketing over a set period and cost limits. This technology helps the reader to understand the whole marketing process, communication theory and nuances, Marketing communication tools and consumer behavior. As a specialty, it focuses on a wide range of subjects such as Marketing Communication, Campaign Planning, Digital Communication Solutions, Communication Design and Social Media Analytics. All of these lessons bring a shared perspective, to students, about the field and its prospects for the future. We believe that with the right theory and practical foundation, students can achieve their goals. The institutional approach is the proper combination of practical learning and theoretical knowledge. Theory, when combined with reality, brings the 360 ​​degree reading we aim for.

Highlights of the Course :

 ⦁    Client Service

⦁    Account Setup

⦁    Media Planning

⦁    Composing - Copy Visual

⦁    Brand Management

⦁    Making Ads

The four program objectives (POS) are highlighted below:

1) Scholarship: research, research and lifelong learning - Developing future thinkers who can engage more deeply with field processes in the field of communication studies, especially in the sub-domain of advertising, public relations, and media management, contributes to existing knowledge. at the center by addressing complex communication problems through research and investigation and setting the standards for lifelong learning.

2) Global citizenship: Integrity, social and professionalism - To nurture students as responsible citizens while raising awareness of the diverse social and cultural contexts of the community by incorporating ethical and sensitive values ​​into curriculum and co-curricular practices, in order to build integrity. Professional attitudes that are in line with the various working conditions of the world.

3) Eco-literate: Sensitivity to a Sustainable Environment - Promoting an educational environment that reduces, conserves, and utilizes the use of natural resources while also encouraging students to commit themselves to ecosystem-related efforts and ownership of eco-friendly practices within and outside the campus.

4) Employment: Equipped with the skills, qualities, leadership and business qualities that the community needs; self-sufficiency - Providing effective communications leadership in various fields of the telecommunications industry, especially in the field of advertising, public relations, and media management equipped with the skills and details of responsible citizenship and good engagement. in relation to their field of expertise.

Admission Process

Step 1

Exercise Group Examination, Personal Interaction and Writing Skills Test will be conducted on shortlisted candidates by SIBM-B.

⦁    Group exercises will include activities for those who want to enter areas such as Innovation and Establishment, Team Work, Time Management etc.

⦁    Writing Skills test will include writing skills test questions.

⦁    The Personal Discussion Round will be to explore the boundaries of aspirations such as social skills, communication skills, educational skills, etc.

Step 2

⦁    Only those people who have registered and paid for ‘SNAP 2019’ will be eligible to apply for the MBA (CM) program.

⦁    Complete the SIBM-B MBA (CM) Online Application Form and pay the registration fee of Rs.1000/-.

Step 3

Exercise Group Examination, Personal Interaction and Writing Skills Test will be conducted on shortlisted candidates by SIBM-B.

⦁    Group exercises will include activities for those who want to enter areas such as Innovation and Establishment, Team Work, Time Management etc.

⦁    Writing Skills test will include writing skills test questions.

⦁     The Personal Discussion Round will be to explore the boundaries of aspirations such as social skills, communication skills, educational skills, etc.



⦁    A University or National Valuation Center with 50% marks or equal grade (45% marks or equivalent rank for International / Organized Plans).

⦁    Students who enroll in final year examinations may also apply, but their admission will depend on obtaining a 50% mark or equal grade (45% marks or the equivalent grade of Organized Nations / Organized Nations). Note: The acceptance of that candidate will be temporary and will be canceled in the event that the above conditions are not met.

⦁     Programs that require specific discipline / subject specialist need to be assessed for suitability as provided by the appropriate Institution.

⦁    A baptismal candidate who has graduated from a foreign university should obtain a certificate of equality from the Association of Indian University (AIU). All foreign degrees / qualifications require certification from the AIU by a candidate before seeking admission to any SIU program.

⦁    Importance: It is the responsibility of the baptism candidate to determine if he or she has the necessary qualifications. Temporary admission does not mean accepting eligibility. Final eligibility for admission will be determined by Symbiosis International (Deemed University).


The following will be the booking policy for admission to any SIU Institutional program (with the exception of Symbiosis Institutes of Management Studies, with different policy #)


Planned Characters (SC): 15%
Organized Nations (ST): 7.5%
Different Skills *: 3%


Kashmiri Immigrants: 2 seats per program

International selection: 15%

Person applying under any reserved category (Organized races / Organized Nations / Separate

Abled / Kashmiri immigrants are requested to submit the relevant documents issued by the competent

Authority. Any participation in any stage of that person's admission process is temporary as well

Always title verification and confirmation of that important document.

In the event that a candidate falls under more than one of the above categories (e.g., Scheduled and

For Differently Able or any other combination), you will need to select any single Category (i.e. or Default Caste OR Differently Abled in the case of the above example) during the completion of the SNAP Test registration form. The category selected by the candidate at the time of completing the registration form will be who is considered as part of the whole process of adoption and his benefits and rights will be according to such a designated category. They will not be able to claim interest under any of the other categories any stage of admission to any account.

Please also note that if any information provided by a candidate about his or her category is found to be correct wrong, the University will have the right to cancel the election of that student at any stage.


There has been a good combination of this year’s inclusion companies for class 17-19-Ad, PR, Media & IMC.

We have had many Integrated profiles this year with potential opportunities - Event Management, Media Communication, Digital and Research. There were a few companies that opened the second round of interviews as they found students promising and wanting to hire more at SIBM B.

We have well-known companies that employ students from all disciplines such as: Publicis, IPG Media Group, Essence-Group M, Madison Media, MSL Group, Adfactors PR, Genesis BCW, IPSOS Research, Social Panga, Text 100, Wings, Kestone IMS, Trescon, Fountainhead, & Vmware Software.

Students break profiles in Career, Analyst and IT career profiles and excel in genres.

Every effort was made to facilitate the recruitment and delivery of job profiles from our Industry fit.


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