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Malla Reddy Medical College, Hyderabad

for Women is a well-known private institution that was founded in 2013. Physiology is a discipline of science that studies the underlying conceptual, biophysical, and molecular principles that govern how all systems work. Medicine is an ever-evolving field. Changes in therapy and pharmacological treatment are required when new research and clinical information enhances our expertise. We aim to discuss key characteristics and processes of the human body that make you a living person in Human Physiology. The fact that we are still alive is practically beyond our control, because hunger drives us to seek food, and fear drives us to seek shelter. We want to be warm while we are chilly. Other pressures drive us to seek out and replicate partnerships. Thus, man is basically an automaton, and the fact that we are sensitive, sensitive, and knowledgeable creatures is part of this natural sequence of life; these specific abilities allow us to survive in a range of settings known as HOMEOSTASIS by bodybuilders. We believe that a medical school physiology instructor owes it to his pupils to emphasize those topic parts that will enlighten the duties and issues, and to properly train them in how to identify and cure illnesses. In this approach, a physiotherapist can help the student and doctor gain a better understanding of the disease's processes." Patients who go on portal on a daily basis receive cutting-edge care at the institution. Through devoted and skilled staff, outstanding infrastructure, and well-equipped laboratories, the centre delivers state-of-the-art treatment to patients who visit the portal on a daily basis. The centre is responsible for providing the best possible information for students as well as preparing them to face future challenges that will help them become competent enough to handle the responsibilities of a Nobel laureate. Through this Center, the goal of translating information and medical information education into effective and affordable public health care will always be maintained. The Institute's Department of Social Welfare delivers the greatest services to rural people who supply it with an internal vision of home health care management for medical students. Many medical and Para-clinical departments offer postgraduate courses at the Institute. Malla Reddy Women's Medical College is connected with Warangal's Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences and is accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI).



Established: 2013
Total MBBS Seats: 150
Tuition Fees: Govt Fees- Rs 60000.00; Management Fees- Rs 1400000.00 & NRI Fees- Rs 2800000.00
Affiliated To: Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, Warangal
Telangana State Ranking: 21
Recognition and Listing: Medical Council of India(MCI), World Health Organization(WHO)
Affiliated Hospital: Malla Reddy Narayana Hospital
Average Daily Out-Patients: 1550
Total Beds Available : 1050
Post Graduate Courses : 09
Superspeciality Courses : private
Other Names: Malla Reddy Medical Sciences for women Hyderabad; MRMS for women Hyderabad; Malla Reddy Medical College Hyderabad; Malla Reddy Medical College Hospital Hyderabad
Address: Malla Reddy Medical science for women, Suraram 'x' Road, Qutbullapur Municipality Jeedimetla, Hyderabad- 500 055.
Contact: +91 8019991106


Admission Eligibility:

Students seeking admission to this college must be 17 years old by December 31st of the admission year. Students with a minimum of 50 percent in science subjects, including biology or biotechnology, as well as physics and chemistry, are eligible (in the case of SC/ST students, 40 percent in board examinations; 45 percent for OBC students). It is also mandatory for students to take the National Eligibility and Entrance Examination (NEET).


Stage Semester Syllabus Covered
Pre-Clinical 1-2: Two Semesters Anatomy, Bio-Chemistry, Physiology
Para-Clinical  3-4-5: Three Semesters Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, OPDs to begin here,
Community Medicine, Clinical Posting Inwards:
Clinical 6-7-8-9: Four Semesters Medicine & Allied Subject (Psychiatry, Dermatology),
Obst, Gynae. Surgery & Allied Subjects (Anesthesiology, E.N.T, Orthopaedics),
Clinical Posting, Community Medicine:


MBBS Internship:

Subjects: Internship Duration:
Community Medicine 2 months
Medicine Including 15 days of Psychiatry 2 months
Surgery Including 15 days of Anaesthesia 2 months
Obstt. / Gynae. Including family welfare planning 2 months
Paediatrics 1 month
Orthopaedics including PMR 1 month
E. N. T. 15 days
Ophthalmology 15 days
Casualty 15 days
Elective Posting 15 days
Total 1 Year


PG Intake:

Course Intake
MD/MS-Obstetrics & Gynaecology 3
MS-General Surgery 6
MD/MS-Ophthalmology 2
MD-Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy 2
MD-Thoracic Surgery/Cardio Thoracic Surgery/Cardio Vascular and thoracic Surgery 2
MS-Orthopaedics 3
MD-Pharmacology 5
MD-General Medicine 8
MD-Anaesthesiology 10
MD-Paediatrics 4
MD-Radiotherapy/ Radiation Oncology 4
MD/MS-Anatomy N/A
MD-Psychiatry 2
MD-Physiology 2


Course design:

Malla Reddy is a doctor. Under the guidance of highly skilled and experienced professors, the College for Women delivers world-class education. The following UG Courses are available in the college.

Courses Duration Intake Fees/ Annum
MBBS 4.5 years + 1.5 year internship 150 14,00,000


Admission Eligibility:

Following MBBS, medical students must take the National Qualification and Entry Examination (NEET) administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA). All government, private, intermediate, and tertiary universities will be based on NEET schools, and seats will be granted on an advising basis based on merit results/standards, college preferences, and available seats.


Campus Area:

Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Science is located in Hyderabad, which is a lovely city. This college is located in a beautiful green eco-friendly setting with an area of 8, 00,000 square metres. The college's high reputation stems from an open and well-ventilated campus with well-designed structures. The Medical College is equipped with five air-conditioned educational institutions, each with 180 seats and multimedia audiovisual equipment. It features two 300-square-meter examination halls. Each one has 250 seats. Malla Reddy Medical College provides a typical separate room with 158 square metres and an associated toilet for boys and females. There are well-equipped laboratories and computer labs on hand.


The Malla Reddy Medical College Library is 2831 square metres in size. The AC Central Library offers 11281 volumes on medicine, as well as a digital library with 105 periodicals (73 Indian publications and 32 international journals) and a range of educational resources for professors and students. There are 160 kids in the outer classroom and 280 children in the inner classroom. Library departments with well-organized care facilities keep track of all library activities and information.


The Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences provides students with nice lodging. The dormitory buildings for boys and girls, as well as the residential flats for crutch users, have been partitioned as a result of this. The boys' hostel includes 34 rooms for 170 students in nice sleeping arrangements, while the ladies' hostel has 63 rooms for 405 students in excellent sleeping arrangements. A guest room, as well as air-conditioned classrooms with computers and internet, is available in the Malla Reddy Medical College dormitory. A Student Room with TV, music, and indoor activities is also available. Cleanliness, running water, and electricity are provided in the hostel rooms. Students are protected by hostel guards.


Outdoor sports such as cricket, soccer, volleyball, and throw ball are provided with all of the necessary equipment on the Malla Reddy Medical College Campus. Indoor sports facilities are also provided. The college offers excellent sports care as well as other activities. Students also have access to a well-equipped Gymnasium.

Hospital Facilities:

In 2012, Malla Reddy Medical College Teaching Hospital opened its doors. This is one of Hyderabad's most well-known multispecialty hospitals. The hospital has been receiving around 1550 patients each day, with over 500 more patients accessible at all facilities. As a result of their expert services and better health care, Multispecialty Hospitals in Hyderabad have set their sights on them. Not only did the hospital provide excellent medical treatment and patient services, but it also provided practical training for medical students. The Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Science hospital has a total of 1050 beds, which are still dispersed among the departments that require them. There are 150 beds in the General Medicine Unit and 150 beds in the General Surgery Unit. There are well-equipped display rooms and labs, which are run by the Departments of Disease and Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Hematology. A practical classroom teaching seminar and seminars are available at the hospital, and the laboratory offers 200 living quarters with audio and video capabilities. 

Student Support:

Health Care Services
Counseling Services
Technical Issue

How to reach us:


Address:  Malla Reddy Medical science for women, Suraram 'x' Road, Qutbullapur Municipality Jeedimetla, Hyderabad- 500 055.

Phone: +91 8019991106




Course Design :

Fees Structure


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