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Christ Institute Of Management

CHRIST (Recognized as a University), the educational institution of the Prime Minister, is an educational organization of people dedicated to the motto 'GOOD AND SERVICE.'

We strive to reach the star of perfection by pursuing a noble education of 'doing good,' and our efforts are transformed into 'service' through our artistic and compassionate involvement in society to transform us.

Education prepares a person to face life's challenges by expressing what is best for him or her. If this is acceptable, education should be tailored to the needs of the time and address the day-to-day problems. Inspired by the Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara, founder of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate and the founder of new education, CHRIST (regarded as a University) worked hard to define and redefine their mission and strategies for learning the signs of the times.

Course Design :


MBA (2-Year Full-Time Course, Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt.of India).

Professionalism: Dual craftsmanship in

· Marketing
· Finance
· Human Resource Management

Fees Structure


10 + 2 + 3/10 + 2 + 4 / Any Graduate With 55% Minimum Marks

CAT / MAT / XAT / GMAT Entry Examination or Any administrative entrance exam

You are eligible for the GD / PI Interview

Value Added Attractions:

Soft Skills and Life Skills Modules, specific modules related to the use of background information in corporate use, international collaborative collaboration and student exchanges.


100% Fixed Placement in various fields such as FMCG, Sales, Banking and Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, International Business, Hospitality, Service Sector and much more.

• Excellent setting record from the start.
• 160+ Companies Visiting campus for Placement

Highest package: 14.14LPA

Average package: 6.7lpa

The Appointment Office helps students explore the world of employment and new career paths. It also helps students to plan work through counseling where they gather information about themselves in terms of their interests, skills and abilities so that they can choose their career more effectively. The purpose of the Appointment Office also lies in the professional development of students by training them in recruitment skills such as reconstruction; group discussion and interview skills which also help students get into their desired career and / or apply for higher degrees. And vocational schools.

The Employment Office takes the initiative to evaluate new job opportunities for graduates and graduates by visiting new companies and entities that have not been evaluated. Campus rentals are scheduled annually. The selection process usually begins with pre-appointment speech where the company / organization provides students with information about the company profile, job profile, career path, CTC etc. followed by a real selection process i.e., written tests, group discussion. , interviews etc. The center has state-of-the-art facilities that make hiring a compass a delight. Representation of the inclusion of students from each class is also present to provide assistance in the entire selection process.

Placement Office Services

Build awareness of job opportunities and career guidance
Invite campus rental companies / organizations
Integrate certification courses to help students prepare for interviews and gain leadership and personality development skills
Collaborate with the various departments of Christ (regarded as the University), Delhi NCR campus for placement activities.
Send work to placement representatives from each class
Students can contact the placement coordinator for needed advice or assistance
The Local Office serves as the information center for job creation in various government, public and private organizations
Pre-Plant Interviews and Other Campus Rental Events
Information about company placement schedules, job details and compensation packages for their final placement will be posted on Moodle, and shared with the Center email. It is the student's responsibility to check Moodle and email regularly for updates.
Students are required to go through the placement process, job details, workplace and post office compensation package carefully and only if they are interested, apply the same by completing the details in the format provided.
Students are encouraged to apply only to companies that have a genuine desire to work for themselves. Temptations that do not have real motivation can be easily seen by employers and may damage your reputation both at the student and at the Center.
It is the responsibility of students to dress appropriately and in an orderly manner whenever there is a placement function arranged by the Appointment Office. Details of the dress code are provided below:
For boys: Blazer / Pants with matching tie / Business suit.
For Girls: Blazer / Trousers with Scarf / Business Suit.

Placement process

1. Student registration
2. Meetings with Student Appointment Representatives to plan campus drive and understand the needs and expectations of students
3. An invitation to organizations to do the installation of campuses
4. Update organizations on student profiles that include academic performance, skill sets, etc.
5. Information for students on the profiles of visiting organizations, job profiles, posts provided and compensation
6 .Arrangements for simplification of campus rental drives
7. Pre-presentation / presentation presentation to students about organizations
8. The hiring process that includes written tests, group discussions and interviews
9. Announcement of selected list / issuance of offer letters
10. Follow the date of joining

General Campus Installation Instructions

1. Undergraduate students who wish to be considered for replacement services must register in the prescribed format with the Preservation Manager / Coordinator. 
2. Registered students who are permitted by the Director only would be allowed for the placement process.
3. Students must carry at least two (2) copies of their CVs and Marks Cards in a folder and three (3) photographs with passport size and ID cards in the process.
4. The dress code of the process is legal. Students should be on time for the enrollment process and those who arrive late will not be happy.
5. Mid-departure is not recommended unless the student has the option of not participating in the program after the initial presentation is made by the company / organization.
6. Once a student has been selected by the organization, as a rule he will not be allowed to try other organizations. Students are expected not to break the same.
7. Registered students are expected to keep in touch with their Classroom Student Representative Representatives on a regular basis. The Student Appointment Representative will report to the Designation Officer or Institutional Placement Coordinator.
8. Registered students are expected to refer to the Notice Office of the Appointment Board. Students may also refer to the Christ (considered University) Delhi NCR website, placement and Career Guidance section.
9. Registered students who are called to the compass selection process should make a sincere effort to secure job placement and should not take the selection process recklessly. Refusal of textbooks before student placement is not recommended.
 Once a student has applied for a company, he or she is required to report the date of presentation. Failure to attend the Pre-Placement Speech or other campus recruitment events after the same enrollment will constitute a misconduct and students will be suspended from the replacement program for a period of 30 (thirty) days or as deemed appropriate by the Deployment Office. .
    However, in the first case of such misconduct, the suspension may be revoked after 30 (thirty) days on the recommendation of the education adviser or the Office of the Designated Office on written notice of misconduct. If the same misconduct repeats by the student at any time in the future, the Admission Office may decide to disqualify the student from the placement process. All appointments of the Designation Office are final and binding on this matter.

Assignment to Cell Placement

1. Students will be given a maximum of one (1) award for the inclusion of a compass, subject to the same conditions.
2. Students need to notify the placement office via email and in person as soon as the job is accepted.
3. Once a student has received a gift and / or joined a company, students will not be allowed to apply for any other company through the Institutional Establishment Office.
However, if it is found that due to unforeseen circumstances, the student is unable to maintain a commitment to the employer, the student should first notify the Post Office by setting a deadline by email with a view to withdrawing the job application for a valid reason and supporting documentation (if any). Appropriate action will be determined by the Deposit Office. All appointments of the Designation Office are final and binding on this matter.
Students need to apply for and collect a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Center before joining the company and will cancel all pending payments before joining. The institution may take disciplinary action against students who fail to comply with this directive, and may not withhold examination of the student's certificate and transcript under such circumstances. Students may also be fined as administrators deem it appropriate.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

1. Every student of Christ (regarded as a University), Delhi NCR campus is expected to honor the promise of a job as provided by companies through the Campus Recruitment / Placement Office.
2. Withdrawal from accepted work not only damages a student's future reputation, but also has a detrimental effect on other students and on the Society's image. Such actions are detrimental to Christ (regarded as a University), the Delhi NCR campus relationship with an employer who may decide not to employ at the Center in the future.
3. Withdrawal of accepted work is a serious violation of the Institutional Rules and Regulations and is subject to immediate student ban on the employment process.
 4 .No student is allowed to interact directly with or communicate with company executives during or after the selection process unless authorized by the Appointment Office. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the student being barred from the 30-day (30th) Appointment Process. If the same misconduct is repeated by the student, the Appointment Office may decide to exclude the student from the Appointment Process. All appointments of the Designation Office are final and binding on this matter.
5. Deliberately providing false or incorrect information on CVs, cover letters, emails or any other form of communication, including official statements such as interviews, is also a violation of the Rules and Conditions of the Institution, and may result in withdrawal from the Appointment Process. Any decision in this regard will be taken by the Accounting Office. All appointments of the Designation Office are final and binding on this matter.

Valued Recruiters:

Aditya Birla group, IBM, TCS, Ashok Layland, Airtel, Godrej, IDBI, HDFC,LG, Hero,Reliance, Bata, Puma, Accenture, IDBI Bank, Bosch, RBS, Capital IQ, Vodafone and many more.

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8% Complete (success)
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